Almar's Monthly – As a team we are stronger!


Hello Everyone,

As Creditinfo continues to expand, as does our multicultural workforce. With such a diverse group of companies and individuals based in 4 continents, we are exposed to lots of different ideas and points of view. It is very simple to work in our own small bubbles, but if we speak with our colleagues in different countries, we can start to reflect on the narrowness of our view of the world and start thinking outside of the proverbial box. Utilising a variety of viewpoints to solve problems leads to new and innovative solutions.

With every new colleague that joins the Creditinfo family, we become stronger, more creative, more productive.

So, next time you need to find a solution, “phone a friend!” and see what their thoughts are.

Have a great February….p.s. I’d like to thank all the single ladies in advance for their Valentine’s cards!