Þórhallur Jóhannsson joined the Creditinfo family as Chief Finance Officer for the Group

PassamyndTHJOOn the 15th February, Þórhallur Jóhannsson joined the Creditinfo family as Chief Finance Officer for the Group. We have to admit, we took rather a long time in finding the right person, but we believe it was worth the wait. This means that Tryggvi can finally go back to focusing on the Icelandic operation. We are grateful for him for basically doing two jobs at the same time and feel a bit (but only a bit!) guilty about taking so long in making the change.

So, what changes?  Now we have a full time CFO for the Group. This means increased support to the individual companies, but perhaps also better oversight. We also expect Þórhallur to assist us with the financing of the Group, with evaluation of acquisition targets and whatever a CFO should be doing in an international company.

Please all help Þórhallur getting acquainted with each of our subsidiaries and give him whatever support he needs. This is a very important step for us and your cooperation is needed.

One note on his name.  It might not be easy for non-Icelandic people to pronounce. But I trust you will manage. The first letter might look strange to some.  It shouldn’t, as this is a sound that is very ancient, as can be seen by the fact that Greek alphabet has the same letter, looking a bit different though (Θ θ, þita). In English, it is represented by th-, like in those.  Writing Þ is therefore often done as ‘th’.

If you want to find out more about Þórhallur, you can read his bio here