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Gunnar Gunnarsson

b2157bd0-b06d-483b-95cd-c36497ec6f12 Gunnar joined Creditinfo Iceland in February 2016 as the Director of Risk, but little did you  know,  he was also once the Icelandic champion in Backgammon.

 Gunnar has a PhD in mathematics from Kaliforn- íuháskóla in Santa Barbara and an MA degree  from  the same school.

“I was studying for a long time, came home in 2008 and joined the Bank in risk management. I then started up a consulting firm providing advice in risk management and finance, working with my friend . Then I fell upon this wonderful opportunity with Creditinfo and I am putting to use my skills and knowledge, training and experience from my previous background, “says Gunnar.

Gunnar is married and has three children aged three to twelve years. Backgammon is a general sport in Iceland, Gunnar says he simply learned the game and fell for it. “This is a game that is a tactical and probability theory. I pursued it vigorously for a while and reached the level of Icelandic champion in the sport. It wasn’t a much played sport in Iceland but it is now becoming stronger.”

Gunnar also plays volleyball. “I’ve always enjoyed playing volleyball. Volleyball is a sport in a way where you do not have to run and is better on the knees. In my mind the the Volleyball wriggle is in some sense, good for the belly, a perfect sport for the old man! For example, more seniors are in the volleyball tournament, one of the largest sporting events held in Iceland in the year.”

Gunnar said he had a number of interests that keep him occupied between what he attends to with family and work.

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