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Time for a spring clean!


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Spring is traditionally a time when we declutter, clean up and finish things off, getting ready for the next 9 months of the year.  Did you know spring cleaning is good for you?

In April, why not…

  • Save time –  Make the effort to declutter and organise your office and your own work space, as it can save you lots of time looking for (lost) items in the future. Tidy up your desk drawer – you will be surprised what you find in there, that you’ve not seen since the last time you cleared it out. This may even make you a little more productive.
  • Improve  your health –  Blast out the antibacterial wipes and clean your phone, PC/Laptop, , After all we are all guilty of eating at our desks from time to time.  Clean your keyboard and give your screen a squirt of screen cleaner.  Less germs means a healthier you!
  • Be Less stressed – organising your work space can make you feel less stressed as it makes it a more comfortable space to be in and easier to get things done.  You could even organise your PC/Laptops … do you need all those desktop shortcuts? What about organising your Office documents and emails too?
  • Be Happy – A tidy office is a happy office – well that’s what the experts say.

Happy Spring Cleaning!
All the best,