How we CLeaned up our act to deliver more value – Project Management Methodology

This month we found out more about how Creditinfo Iceland have embraced their own version of Lean Project Management – Creditinfo Lean  – CLean.

Brynja, Ingvar and Anna explained how they are using elements of various tools and methodologies to achieve project goals and planned results within defined schedules and budgets.  There are a vast number of different tools and models to help you achieve your own objectives, this isn’t just for software development or manufacturing processes, you can apply the principles of many Management Tools in your daily roles also. The concept of all these methodologies and tools is to achieve your objectives in the most efficient and effective way and keep the customers happy (internal and external customers).

We know different sites have preferred management and project tools that they use already, these vary from site to site, however,  there is no good or bad methodology, as each has its own merits and weaknesses.  It’s important to use what you find most suitable for you, your role, your business. Here is a list of some common methodologies, tools and principles, some of which are mentioned in the webinar or are being used at other sites  – click on each one to find out more about them on Wikipedia or dedicated websites.

See the webinar recording in the Webex meeting space

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