Players of the month – Creditinfo Leaders

Some time ago, I was talking about my boss with a colleague. I was actually being quite complimentary. I told her I enjoyed working for him and the company and was explaining why and telling her that I really liked my job. The person I was telling, who is a senior boss herself, asked me if i had ever told him what I think. “Of course not,” I declared, he’d stick his fingers down his throat and pretend to gag and then probably laugh.”  Then she asked me if I appreciated it when I got a “pat on the back” and got to know if I was doing a good job.  “Yes, of course” I replied. Then she asked, “well, don’t you think he’d appreciate knowing it too?”   Since then, I try to remember to tell him from time to time.

Being a boss can be, I guess, a little lonely and stressful, especially if you are a good one.  No one generally tells you when things are good, usually they only tell you when things are bad or if they want something and you are expected to make the final decision on things. Your the coach, the referee, the player, the water boy, the physio, all rolled into one.

So this month, I wanted to nominate for Players of the Month, Reynir, Almar and Hakon plus all the CEOs and Country Managers and each of the Directors and Heads of Divisions/Departments ….for being good leaders!

Being the boss doesn’t make a person a good leader, actually I wouldn’t even say there is a one size fits all definition for a good leader, it depends on what you think is good for you personally and for the business you work in.  We all have our own ideas, but for me, a good leader is someone with a strong vision, who shares that vision and inspires me to support that vision.  It is someone who guides and motivates me without having to force me to do things, someone who empowers me and others around me, creating a framework to encourage us to tap into our own skills and ideas and freely contribute to projects and the company. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the business, who understands what others in their positions are going through. Someone who listens and empathises. Someone who is honest. Someone who is strong and bold and never gives up. Someone who is accessible, informal and friendly. Someone who trusts and appreciates what I do…..yes, I have very high expectations of the person I work for!

Creditinfo and its partner companies are on the cusp of really big things at the moment.  In the 3+ years I have been with the company, we have almost doubled our workforce worldwide, we have greatly increased our number of operations, (I think we had 12 operations of our own when I started, now that number is 24), and we have a bigger presence worldwide too, we’re working regularly in 34+ countries now and have many more countries where we have started discussions. We have increased annual turnover and EBITDA.  A lot of people who didn’t know  us a few years ago, let alone what a credit bureau really did, now recognise us as a household name in a positive way as we help them get credit.

Creditinfo is successfully, continually growing and moving forward. We are quite a force to be reckoned with now . The last 3 years successes, for that matter the last 19 years, haven’t happened by chance or good luck, these things have happened because we have good people steering us in the right direction, who have most, if not all or more, of the qualities I have mentioned above.

I appreciate not everything goes to plan all of the time, and we all have our frustrations when we could cheerfully give those leaders, and a few people around them, a piece of our mind,  especially when at times there are not enough people to help, not enough equipment and resources, not enough money or enough time, but if we take a step back, overall, our leaders are doing a pretty good job!

So when you see them next, please take the time to shake their hands and say well done.

By Emma Camilleri

OK now you can stick your finger down your throat, Almar! 😉