Paul Randall invited to speak at BNM-IFC Credit Infrastructure conference in Kuala Lumpur 

As you many of you already know, Paul Randall is one of company’s long term employees, with a lot of experience in the industry prior to joining us too.  He is also one of a number of Creditinfo’s “evangelists”.  He is often on the road in various parts of the world delivering presentations, webinars and spreading the good word about our company and its partners.  Along with other members of the team, Paul is often personally requested and invited to participate in a number of meetings and events by external organisations worldwide to deliver presentations and share his knowledge, experience, thoughts and ideas on credit industry topics. Other organisations value our input!

One such organisation is the IFC World Bank.  At the beginning of April, Paul Randall was invited to participate as a speaker at the BNM-IFC Credit Infrastructure conference in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.  BNM are the Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia).  The themes covered at the conference for more than 100 attendees were credit reporting, credit registry, secured transaction, insolvency & creditor rights, as well as other current issues. Paul’s presentation is on “Achieving benefits of credit information sharing initiative – the macro market impact.”  Some of you may have already been lucky enough to hear his presentation in advance, as he delivered a dry run webinar version for the Creditinfo Academy.  Last month, Paul was in West Africa at another IFC World Bank event where he joined a full day teleconference  with each of the 8 UEMOA countries.

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