Key Findings from the World Bank

The World Bank gave some key findings at the BNM-IFC Credit Infrastructure conference

The World Bank Group gave some interesting key findings during the conference in Kuala Lumpur where Paul spoke on the 4th of April. The key findings are related to the positive relationship between access to finance and job growth.
Key Findings:

  • Increased access to finance results in increased job growth in developing countries
  • Firms with access to a loan exhibit employment growth between 1 and 3 percentage points larger than firms with no access to finance
  • Introduction of credit bureaus (CBs) increases employment growth by over 5 percentage points compared to countries where CBs do not exist
  • Association between finance and job growth is stronger among MSMEs than among large firms
  • MSME firms with access to a loan have between a 1 and 4 percentage point larger employment growth than MSMEs without a loan
  • Introduction of CBs elicits a job growth response among MSMEs that is over six times larger than that among large firms

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