Kazakhstan launches first cloud services for its financial market


The press office of the First Credit Bureau is pleased to announce the launch of new cloud services for the Kazakhstan financial market – FCB Cloud – cloud-based decision-making solution. Now FCB clients have access to cloud services for decision-making automation, the key factor in credit-cycle, as well as to automation of the whole credit conveyor without recourse to major financial outlays and time-consuming IT-related integration processes.


While non-financial industries worldwide have long taken advantage of cloud-based technologies, it is only recently that the financial sector discovered the advantages of these innovations.

“The decision to give cloud services a strategic priority has been made quite a while ago. We have long years of experience and the trust we have won from the financial market through our data-center, which has evolved into a complete service now known as FCB Cloud. We have been serving smoothly the entire credit market of Kazakhstan for 11 years now and we are the guardians of close to 28 million credit histories of 5 million Kazakhstani citizens. I think it is the case when numbers and our expertise are self-explanatory. Also, we are going to develop a number of analytical products and multi-step cloud solutions targeted at various sections of the financial market” – explains Ruslan Omarov, the CEO of FCB Kazakhstan. 

Cloud-based process-automation services of credit cycle can be thought of as renting of software by a client for own use. FCB further adds that there is clearly a demand in the market to develop technologically, but the high-cost credit systems are out of the reach of many financial organizations. This is where FCB comes in offering its clients cloud solutions that are affordable and do not require capital investments. This means no spending on servers, licenses, programs. Moreover, installation and integration are easy and seamless. All costs are variable in the sense that they are proportional to the size of an enterprise, which is highly important at a time when total budget optimization is the rule of the game for financial organizations.


«First Credit Bureau» LLP: Incorporated 11 years ago, The First Credit Bureau aims to foster transparent relations between borrowers and financial organizations. More than 115 credit institutions rely on the Bureau for their informational needs. FCD is the leading provider of credit check models, predictive analytics tools and cloud technologies for professional participants in the financial market.      

Press office of The First Credit Bureau: