"If you want the best out of life, you have to be ready when the chance is there for you."

as said by Heimir Hallgrimsson,
joint coach of Iceland’s national football team

Iceland were slow to make an impression in UEFA European Championship qualifying, but are now a team on the rise having beaten England on Monday 27th June and beating Austria and drawing against Hungary and Portugal.

Iceland play a rigid 4-4-2. They are physical and well-organised and have enough craft to slow the game down.  Big, robust and incredibly determined – striker Jon Dadi Bodvarsson tweeted that he was “ready to run until my lungs give out” before their game against Austria and duly scored his first goal in 20 appearances. It is this type of spirit that epitomises the Icelandic team.

Just like the Icelandic national football team, over the last 2 decades, Creditinfo has also been slowly and meticulously developing a good game plan and excellent team players to take us to the Championship.   Now with more than 400 players strong, many of whom who have been with the company for many years and/or have numerous years experience in the industry, we too are now regularly holding the cup high, winning bids, receiving funding, welcoming new partners and working with more and more important clients and companies in each of our regions.

Keeping up the Creditinfo family team spirit and continuing to grab every opportunity available!