Consumer Finance Holdings and Coremetrix, a company powered by Creditinfo, open up access to credit in Slovakia

Coremetrix psychometric quiz testing to be used to improve access to mainstream credit amongst underserved consumers in Slovakia. Consumer Finance Holdings (‘CFH’) in Slovakia part of the VUB Group – is the first client in Slovakia to sign up to an exciting new initiative from Coremetrix, the leading provider of psychometric testing for the credit risk sector. The new initiative will enable ‘CFH’ to assess its thin-file and marginal customers with a psychometric quiz besides traditional credit check and scoring techniques.

Coremetrix’s pioneering techniques use image based quizzes that provide an insight on customer behaviour and an alternative indication of a person’s creditworthiness and suitability for financial products where little formal credit history exists. Evidence shows that this unique approach can deliver improved acceptance rates for credit and a reduction in default rates1. Individuals choose themselves if they wish to take the test and the quiz does not require an individual to submit their personal data. Representatives of CFH commented “We are excited to be working with Coremetrix in offering a service that presents exceptional possibilities in marketing analytics, customer management, profitability, and collections. We look forward to making the service available to our customers and opening up access to credit for many more people.”

Clare McCaffery, Managing Director at Coremetrix said ““Helping to democratize, roll out and sustain credit in areas where it’s hard to attain is a big part of what drives Coremetrix. That’s why we’re particularly excited to be rolling out in Slovakia. The commercials make sound business sense too and we’re looking forward to working with ‘CFH’ and the wider VUB Group.”

 [1] Data based on over 400,000 credit scores generated through Coremetrix technology in conjunction with lenders globally showed an increase in acceptance rates and a reduction in defaults. Addition of psychographic traits to scoring also improves the predictability when combined with bureau scores.


Coremetrix was started in 2012 to change communication between people for the better. By combining the approaches of data scientists, psychologists, digital creatives and engineers, we have built and developed insightful personality quizzes and found new, innovative and pioneering ways to scale, deploy, and leverage the resulting data so we can help to make a difference.

Coremetrix creates new data in the financial services realm and has established a link between a consumer’s personality and their credit intent.

Via Coremetrix’s brand of engaging, fun and insightful personality quizzes, banks, institutions and lenders in several world markets now refer credit applicants to a new means of scoring that’s scientifically sound, safe and even less risk than usual. In determining a candidate’s personality traits, and thus their suitability for credit, Coremetrix is converting staunch declines into accepts on the basis of who people are, not what they can prove.