Creditinfo Tanzania Launches a new Digital Collections Service

Creditinfo has partnered with FinView, a global leader in credit information and risk management services, that developed an app that helps individuals and companies solve their debts, to revolutionise the financial solutions landscape through the launch of a new Digital Collections Service in Tanzania.

The launch of the Digital Collections Service in Tanzania, combines Creditinfo’s expertise in credit management and FinView’s ground-breaking digital collections solutions. Together, they aim to make debt recovery simpler using a user-friendly software that accelerates invoice settlement while decreasing manual effort.

The solution has revolutionised debt management for thousands of users in Europe and the United Kingdom. Through its user-friendly interface and effective tools, its software enables individuals and companies to take control of their financial commitments in a manageable and less stressful way. Through this partnership, Creditinfo will leverage the new technology to amplify and extend the services in Tanzania.

“Creditinfo and we are delighted to collaborate on expanding debt resolution expertise to a broader audience. This partnership goes beyond technology; it’s about making tangible differences in people’s lives. Our app has already transformed debt management for many. Now with their reach and resources, we aim to redefine financial collections in Tanzania and beyond.” said Darren Tebbitt CEO of FinView.

“We are incredibly proud of Creditinfo partnership with FinView. Not only does it mark an important milestone for us but it gives us the opportunity to benefit from FinView’s technology which will enable us to continue to provide innovative credit management solutions.  Tanzania is an optimal market for us to introduce this service because of its tremendous promise for digital financial services. This partnership will set a new standard in debt collection and promote financial health and empowerment across Tanzania.” Said Edwin Urasa, CEO of CreditInfo Tanzania.



About Creditinfo  

Established in 1997 and headquartered in London, UK, Creditinfo is a provider of credit information and risk management solutions worldwide. As one of the fastest-growing companies in its field, Creditinfo facilitates access to finance, through intelligent information, software and decision analytics solutions.

With more than 30 credit bureaus running today, Creditinfo has the most considerable global presence in this field of credit risk management, with a significantly greater footprint than competitors. For decades it has provided business information, risk management and credit bureau solutions to some of the largest, lenders, governments and central banks globally to increase financial inclusion and generate economic growth by allowing credit access for SMEs and individuals.

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