Credit Lifecycle Solutions and Predictive Analytics

Alexander Lazarov

Alexander Lazarov – CEO of Creditinfo Solutions.

Way too often we meet with Financial Institutions who manage their customer portfolios mainly manually and through judgmental decisions.

This is true of companies spanning the array from Tier 1 Banks to small MFIs. And it encompasses essential business management points, such as Leads generation, Lending approval, Credit Limit assignment, Pricing, Collections and Fraud Prevention.

We have encountered this needless issue in every geographical region.

Conversely, the Industry Best Practices show that taking such decisions in automated environment and based on Predictive Modeling leads to more efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, this leads to improved KPIs and helps the company to achieve its corporate goals.

Before we analyze the typical obstacles to the adoption of Automated Decisioning, let us briefly examine its main financial advantages and soft benefits. Continue reading »