Creditinfo Academy webinar BENCHMARKING by Alexandra Aproiants

Our colleague Alexandra Aproiants from Creditinfo Solutions, Prague was recently presenting the Benchmarking solution. Benchmarking reports focus on showing trends over time that enable credit grantors to make objective strategic decisions and to fully understand the impact on the business and customer portfolio of any changes in trends, which can help to better drive credit risk, product growth and marketing strategies. In addition, the effectiveness of past strategies can be assessed highlighting any differences from industry norms and any influencing factors.

In turn, the impact of future strategies can be predicted and evaluated. Benchmarking enables you to build profiles to forecast risk in customer segments, specifically in those prone to indebtedness. Forecasting trends in each customer segment enables you to determine and improve your own general market trends.




Alexandra joined Creditinfo Solutions in July 2015 as the Senior Business Consultant. She is a highly experienced and versatile risk professional with extensive knowledge of credit industry. Before joining Creditinfo, Alexandra worked for the Home Credit Group, a global consumer finance company, in various locations in Europe and Asia. From her beginnings in Home Credit Ukraine as a risk analyst she successively moved through the positions of Head of Scoring Development, Project Manager (Risk) and finally the Head of Process Development on locations in Kazakhstan, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
Through her hands-on experience with well-established retail banks as well as green field MFI start-ups Alexandra can appreciate the value of good data for business decision making hence she was assigned the leading role in the development of the Benchmarking Product. Benchmarking is a CBS5 VAP which uses the CB’s data and provides external benchmarks of the performance of any CB’s Subscriber relative to the overall industry performance along with general market trends.

In this presentation, we will first briefly touch the importance of good data and its impact on business strategy and then we’ll move to the actual description of our Benchmarking VAP including objectives, key characteristics, target customers, and contents.