Third at T-Mobile Hackathon

T-Mobile Hackathon is a competition for small software development teams. This year, guys from Prague CIS office came up with an idea of participating in their free time. They are good and proud lads so they proposed to advertise Creditinfo while they will be there. “All the teams are well prepared, so we don’t expect to take any prize.” they said. Well, they finished at 3rd place, won prize money and developed a great application which could actually end up in Creditinfo’s product portfolio. Their app uses data from Mojio (a wireless data collector placed in a car) to calculate driver’s credit rating — by tracking your driving behavior, using GPS data and evaluating where do you go, where do you shop etc., this could actually help people with no credit history at all. EU plans to make such devices mandatory for any car, so their idea seems to be a brilliant business case.

Congratulations to Vítek Hubený (CIS), Jarda Jirava (CIS), Daniele Hošek (CIS), Tomáš Felcman (freelance graphic designer) and Tomáš Krejčí (freelance software developer) and big thanks for being initiative and promoting Creditinfo with your great personal achievements!