Creditinfo And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently growing at a fast rate, and is becoming a hot subject in the industry globally. Individuals and organizations alike, are now moving towards that direction in order to increase efficiency and maximize on profits while lowering costs for themselves and their businesses.

Creditinfo has worked on an automated machine learning (ML) model generation platform, which delivers impressive levels of automation, and user-friendliness to apply state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms to the finance sector data.

Our pipeline will enable analysts to securely build and deploy highly accurate adaptive machine learning models with very limited human intervention making it a great tool for credit bureaus and financial institutions.

Our ML pipeline requires four easy steps:
– Drag and drop your dataset.
– Choose target variable.
– Build state of the art models; visualize weights of the main predictors.
– Deploy the best model.
The pipeline uses a wide spectrum of algorithms such as logistic regression, K-nearest neighbor, random forests, naive Bayes, stochastic gradient decent, linear SVC, decision trees and gradient boosted trees. The platform mainly focuses on deep learning algorithms and allows to effortlessly deploy them.

For more information on our ML model, please contact Dmitry Borodin (