A Wake up Call for a New Humanism

The privilege of living where I don’t feel threatened by systematic discrimination doesn’t mean I can turn a blind eye and pretend this is not impacting me. It is affecting my friends, my colleagues, millions of people I don’t know, and the world, we, as parents, leave to our children.

In such a historical moment where we are so technologically advanced to be able to send people to the moon, millions of human beings on earth still need to fight discrimination based on the color of their skin. Needless to say, it is anachronistic to not stand up against any sort of discrimination and implicit bias.

In order to be an ally to anti-racism, there is an urgent need to acknowledge the flaws in the system that are now more visible thanks to social media, technology and freedom of press.

I encourage the people of Creditinfo to speak up and support their colleagues in distress at this moment, as well as keep educating themselves and raise the standards for a more inclusive society, workforce and human race.

Creditinfo stand together with the black community and commit to educate and work towards a more inclusive ‘human kingdom’.

#blacklivesmatter #onecreditinfo

Stefano Stoppani, CEO – Creditinfo Group