200 trees planted for “Strongest In Lithuania” initiative

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At a busy Vilnius roundabout, a park of the Strongest in Lithuania was planted

In one of the busiest parts of Vilnius, at Gerosios Vilties roundabout, more than two hundred trees were planted on 17th September 2021, forming a new park for the “Strongest In Lithuania”. Creditinfo Lithuania invited several companies to join the initiative for a greener Lithuania.

“This year we decided to add something new to the name of the “Strongest in Lithuania” – to match every certificate of the Strongest in Lithuania with a tree seedling and we also invited other companies to follow suit”, CEO of CreditInfo Lithuania Aurimas Kačinskas said. “Luckily, the most reliable companies are also companies with the highest sense of corporate social responsibility. By looking at the park we have just planted we realize that these trees are not  any less important than good financial indicators.”

Urban parks represent a long-term investment into air quality

For the first park of the “Strongest In Lithuania”, one of the busiest parts in the city capital was selected, namely Gerosios Vilties roundabout, through which tens of thousands of vehicles drive past every day. Residents of Vilnius living in the vicinity of the roundabout in Geležinio Vilko street, Savanorių and Laisvės avenues also come here to take walks. Until now, the area had lacked a green space and the public concern over the air quality has been increasingly growing every year.

As the newly planted park will be growing, this area will become a more attractive spot for residents, providing a pleasant shade from the sun in summer days and shelter from wind on cold autumn and winter days. According to the estimates of environmentalists, every mature tree captures up to one tone of carbon dioxide per year. Planting of trees in the busiest transportation hubs will facilitate noticeable improvement of air quality and reduction of greenhouse gases.

Many more socially responsible companies respond to the call

Vilnius City Municipality gave its green light to the planting of a new park by organizing the acquisition of seedlings, the planning of the new park and providing with the necessary equipment.

“The roundabout of Gerosios Vilties is the place in the capital which we mainly see through our car windows. To make this area more attractive and pleasant place, it desperately needed more greenery. I am very happy to see proactive business companies contributing to the creation of a greener Vilnius and would like to invite others to follow suit”, Vilnius City Mayor Remigijus Šimašius said.

More socially responsible companies participated in the planting of seedlings

Upon the invitation of Creditinfo, an additional number of 20 companies took part in the action which were awarded the “Strongest In Lithuania” certificates. These companies are Roche Lithuania, Kelionių panorama, Statumas, Partnerpakas, In Fatis, Laminato spalvos, Švaistė, Vilkesta, Protingi baldai, Presoa, BLSVINEDA, Apskaitos valdymas, Grandis LT, Patikėtinis, Kūmas, Arbovita ir Ko, Alpinus LT, Gartruda, Megvita, UTU, Hiltus, Elektrolitika, Elektros trauka, Ieva ir Ko.

The first company to respond to the call was biotechnological company Roche Lithuania. CEO of the company Rasa Jonušienė said that an active participation was the result of proactive employees and deep traditions of social responsibility. “We believe that the park we have planted together will liven up the busy place in the capital. Our contribution is just one way of building sustainable environment with simple steps”, R. Jonušienė said.

Watch the video from the tree planting exercise here. 

For more information:

Aurimas Kačinskas, CEO of Creditinfo Lithuania (aurimas.kacinskas@creditinfo.lt, +37061010110)
Kristinas Taukačikas, adviser to Vilnius City Mayor on green policy issues (kristinas.taukacikas@vilnius.lt; +37069947767)

About the Strongest in Lithuania certificate:  

The Creditinfo Office has been awarding the Strongest in Lithuania certificate since 2010. This year will be the eleventh year of awarding the certificate. The Strongest in Lithuania is a recognisable certificate of business trustworthiness enjoying the longest history and is one of its kind in the Baltic states. Over a decade more than 15,000 Lithuanian companies have been awarded the right to use the certificate as a proof of a positive financial reputation. At the initiative of the issuer – the credit office Creditinfo Lithuania, this symbol of high trustworthiness is awarded to companies noted for their professional financial management, stable income, profitable operations, timely payment of taxes and no indebtedness towards their partners.

More information about the Strongest in Lithuania available at https://digital.creditinfo.lt/