Creditinfo Global Forum 2017

We created this event together, we enjoyed this event together, so let’s continue to cooperate and facilitate access to finance TOGETHER. Thank you All for contributing in making the Creditinfo Group Global Forum 2017 such an international success. 

Creditinfo Global Forum 2017 – a tango of alternatives meeting classics in credit risk management and fintech

If the Creditinfo Global Forum 2017 that happened in Marrakech, Morocco on 19-21 September, was to be described in one sentence, only a metaphor could help.

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Creditinfo Trend Report 2017

Check out latest industry developments on Creditinfo Trend Report 2017

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Alternative meets classics in credit risk management at Creditinfo Global Forum 2017

On 20-21st September, Marrakesh (Morocco) will become the capital city of lenders, credit risk managers and industry experts, as Creditinfo will be hosting its bi-annual worldwide conference — the Global Forum 2017.

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The human face of big data – the trust advantage

The Creditinfo Global Forum 2015 held in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2015 brought together 175 influential specialists, practitioners and providers within the credit and finance industry from 57 countries. Amongst the participants were representatives from Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Credit Bureaus, MicroFinance Institutions, Regulatory Authorities, Financial Associations and many more.

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Meet Sara


Sara Nehmat
Operations Support Assistant internship
with CI International

Pictured Sara and Shaz.  Many of you or your clients may have heard from Sara Nehmat recently, in relation to the Creditinfo Global Forum. Sara is assisting Emma coordinate all the final details for the conference.  She is here on a 3 month internship.  Emma would like her to stay longer as she is doing such a great job. Sara is from the UK.  Her partner Shaz Yousuf, also carried out his internship with Emma last year and obviously enjoyed his time that much in Malta and with the Creditinfo International / Malta teams, he recommended Sara carry out her internship with us too.  Sara will leave us at the end of September.

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Why are we holding a Global Forum?

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