Credit reporting in Jamaica -Discussion with Creditinfo CEO- Craig Stephen

The Exchange on Jamaica News Network –  Credit Reporting in Jamaica. CEO of Creditinfo Jamaica Limited- Mr. Craig Stephen along with Chief of Credit Risk Management, JN Bank Limited-Mrs. Keisha Melhado-Forest and Managing Director of a local microfinance company, Paradigm Capital Limited-Ms. Gail Dixon sat down to discuss Credit Reporting in Jamaica.

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Utilizing subscriber training to inform sales strategy


In an emerging economy where the credit reporting industry is in a fledgling state the requirement for awareness building extends beyond general consumer awareness to educating the community of potential subscribers. Given its experiences in developing the credit reporting market, Creditinfo Guyana has taken the decision that in addition to implementing a general public relations programme to also embark on an extensive ‘training’ programme for current and potential subscribers.

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PRESS RELEASE: Know your credit score to make better informed financial decisions


DPI, Guyana, Thursday, November 22, 2018

– all lending agencies are mandated by law to share all credit data with the credit bureau

– “a lender cannot pull your credit report without your consent”

– know your credit score – it prevents over-indebtedness and encourages responsible borrowing and brings stability to the financial sector

– credit bureau was established in 2013 and operates under the Credit Report Act of 2010 and the Credit Reporting [Amendment] Act of 2016

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Guyana – Successes driven by One Creditinfo at Work

Creditinfo from data provider to trusted industry leaders; a case study from Guyana

Ben Riley, Global Consultant Creditinfo and David Falconer, Sales Manager Creditinfo Guyana

In many ways the country of Guyana is unique. Considered part of the Caribbean region even though it is on the South American mainland. The only English speaking country in South America more interested in cricket than football. On the lowest population density countries on earth (just behind Iceland) but with 30% of that population residing in the capital city of Georgetown. However in the area of Credit, Guyana is proving again that a Creditinfo Credit Bureau can by the driving force behind market development and the opening up of affordable credit to all.

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Mr Lawrence Williams, Governor of the Bank of Guyana

It is with deep regret that we at Creditinfo (Guyana) Inc. have learnt of the passing of the Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Mr. Lawrence Williams.

Mr. Kristinn Agnarsson, Senior Business Development Manager, Creditinfo Group (centre) receiving the license to operate Creditinfo (Guyana) Inc. from Bank Of Guyana Governor, Mr. Lawrence Williams  (left) on August 29, 2013 in the presence of Hon. Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh (right).

While we knew that he was not well for a while, his death has evoked feelings of shock and deep sadness – particularly since he recently presided over the granting of the license to Creditinfo for the establishment of Guyana’s First Credit Bureau and even more recently at the launch of our SeeRisk International Business Report. Continue reading »

Bank of Guyana support Creditinfo Guyana newly launched SeeRisk International Business Report


Mr. Lawrence Williams, Governor of the Bank of Guyana

On Thursday, March 28, 2014, Creditinfo Guyana formally introduced to Guyana, and the business sector in particular, two new value added products to its existing line of credit reports, where advantage of global opportunities can be taken with greater confidence.

Speaking at the launch, Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Mr. Lawrence Williams (pictured) reiterated the Bank’s support for Creditinfo Guyana and encouraged business entities to utilize the SeeRisk Report which would “provide adequately for informed decision-making, enhance compliance with the AML/CFT* Act, and consequently lend to improved performance and increased assets of the various users”.

He opined that “the undertaking to launch the value added product – SeeRisk Report – to its mainstream business is highly commendable, and moreover shows that Creditinfo is  committed to assisting in strengthening the financial sector, making Guyana attractive to foreign investments and providing meaningful information and data for individuals and companies to safely conduct business transactions with their counterparts in other countries.

The SeeRisk International Business Report offers a powerful decision making mechanism for the facilitation of international business transactions through the provision of financial and credit related information.

It is a comprehensive report that allows for vital and necessary insights to be gained before an entity commences trade with a foreign company or individual.  It helps to effectively countermand the deceptive effects provided merely by an attractive website and offers safeguards against the ease with which a company that exists only in cyberspace can steal away the investment capital of hardworking businessmen.

Access to accurate global business information on demand allows for more informed decisions on offering credit or engaging in any business transaction whether locally or internationally originated.

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Creditinfo Academy in Guyana – working together to improve risk management in the new era of credit bureau

The training was attended by 23 senior representatives from the banking, credit union, retail lending and telco sector.  The goal was to enable participants to gain a better understanding and ability to improve risk management in the new era of credit bureau. Throughout the numerous workshop sessions conducted, the training was interactive, including hands on computer experience extracting credit reports from the Creditinfo Guyana system.

In the first session, attendees learnt that the impact of a credit bureau is  frequently underestimated and the time to act is now, if the lenders do not want to lose out competitively. Naturally, given the government has made a huge investment in changing the law, it is imperative for banks and other lenders to act now to do their part to provide data and change their processes to integrate credit bureau into their processes.

Attendees were shown case studies of the impact in other countries across the world where access to finance had grown considerably and especially for SMEs who are often seen as a motor for growth.  Furthermore, banks have more efficient procedures and control on bad debts which leads to a more stable banking environment.

In the second session, attendees were given a real insight of how they can use credit reports to change the decisions of every loan application.  Individuals and business applicants will be judged objectively on the real evidence of their historical payments removing much of the subjective element.  Working in teams, the attendees were able to discuss the practical issues while on-line to Creditinfo Guyana’s system and credit reports.  Together they shared experiences with their peers from different institutions.  Continue reading »

Creditinfo Guyana provides service to prevent identity theft

Olive-GopaulIt was only a few weeks ago that a warrant was issued for the arrest of a 47-year-old woman who, posing as one of Guyana’s local beauty queens, Olive Gopaul, was able to fraudulently obtain money from several prominent business entities.

But members of Guyana’s only credit bureau—Creditinfo, are contending that such an unfortunate situation could have been prevented in just one minute.

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Creditinfo Guyana on tv

Judy Semple-Joseph, CEO Creditinfo Guyana interviewed by Capitol News.

Click on the link below to see an interview by Capitol News regarding the launch of Creditinfo Guyana in December 2013.