Team of the Month – Creditinfo Maroc Team


We would like to congratulate our colleagues in Morocco who have recently moved offices. The move was handled exceedingly well. The team moved over one weekend in order to be fully operational in their new office at the start of the working week, avoiding disruption to business as usual.


Their new address is:

300 lot 2 Mandarona

Immeuble Casablanca Business Center (Next to Hotel Kenzi Sidi Maarouf), 1er étage
Sidi Maarouf, Casablanca 20190  

Check our their new website too 

Click in the link below to see some pictures of their new offices.

Player of the Month

Carmar Circle


Camar Williams, Sales and Marketing Manager, Creditinfo Jamaica has successfully pulled off 2 very big events at the end of April, a four day Jamaica business expo and also the launch of Creditinfo Predictor for 80 top members of financial institutions. Every detail was meticulously taken care of personally by Camar. Unfortunately he had one night with no sleep in order to finalise a few last minute requests, which is in addition to working long hours in the run up to these events due time differences and additional requirements. However, he was justly rewarded with both events running without a hitch. We have also heard in addition to his dedication and professionalism, he is also very popular with both clients as well as his colleagues, as when visiting client’s building he was smothered with kisses every 5 minutes!

Congratulations, Camar!

Almar's Monthly – The secrets from the science of Persuasion

d730da3f-2206-4513-852d-a8b9e9433b0cHi folks!

This month I would like you to take 15 minutes out of your daily routine to watch a video.

In this video, called “Secrets From the Science of Persuasion”, Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin, from Influence At Work have put together six universal principles (or shortcuts) and how they relate to collaboration. We all have to work in collaborative groups and with other people where there are often differing opinions. This video will help you in persuading others toward the validity of your advice and opinions. What are the hurdles you have to cross when trying to be collaborative? What successes have you had in bringing together different people in a collaborative effort? The video (and there’s a book too) offers many validated statistics to demonstrate the results of each shortcut.

So the next time you pull together a team of experts to better your business, keep in mind the different persuasive techniques and how to employ them to reach a perfect collaboration.



Watch the video below..

Paul Randall invited to speak at BNM-IFC Credit Infrastructure conference in Kuala Lumpur 

As you many of you already know, Paul Randall is one of company’s long term employees, with a lot of experience in the industry prior to joining us too.  He is also one of a number of Creditinfo’s “evangelists”.  He is often on the road in various parts of the world delivering presentations, webinars and spreading the good word about our company and its partners.  Along with other members of the team, Paul is often personally requested and invited to participate in a number of meetings and events by external organisations worldwide to deliver presentations and share his knowledge, experience, thoughts and ideas on credit industry topics. Other organisations value our input!

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Until next time…

Happy Spring Time

In such a diverse company, our employees believe in a number of religions and faiths.  For the Christians within the team, we hope you enjoyed a “Happy Easter!” last weekend.

Although we may not all celebrate the same, at this time of year, Spring is on our doorstep for many of us and the first quarter of the year is over.  Now is a time for new beginnings. new hopes and new joys. So additionally, we would like to wish  each of you every happiness for those, along with continued prosperity and success over the next 9 months.

Reynir & Almar

Good shoes take you to good places




On a business trip to Senegal, Reynir forgot to take his shoes.  As it wont do to go to the Central Bank in sneakers, he asked one of the assistants at VoLo if she could help him out, giving her $50 to find him some shoes.  Which she did! Reynir says  these are his best shoes still, after almost 2 years.  Here you can see Reynir putting on those shoes which he has taken to other important meetings worldwide.

Lokih Nahta

Lokih Nahta

Lokih has joined as our 1st Level Service Desk Operator as Local Support for PEFINDO.

Lokih lives in Tangerang, a city in the Province of Banten, Indonesia, located about 25 kilometres west  of Jakarta.

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Creditinfo Malta celebrates International Women's Day

In recognition of International Woman’s Day, and the important role women play in the day to day running of Creditinfo Malta, each female staff member was today presented with a rose, cake and wine.

Creditinfo Malta is proud that half of its workforce is female, as well as having three
female student interns on the team. Creditinfo Malta felt it was important to mark
this day with a small token of thanks to each.


International Woman's Day 2016

Welcome to the Creditinfo Family!

Gunnar Gunnarsson

b2157bd0-b06d-483b-95cd-c36497ec6f12 Gunnar joined Creditinfo Iceland in February 2016 as the Director of Risk, but little did you  know,  he was also once the Icelandic champion in Backgammon.

 Gunnar has a PhD in mathematics from Kaliforn- íuháskóla in Santa Barbara and an MA degree  from  the same school.

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Dressing up for Charity

Creditinfo Malta raising money for Hospice Malta (see link below).

What a lovely looking and somewhat crazy bunch we have in Malta! 🙂

Malta dressing up for charity