Creditinfo Academy – Gamification by Ieva Bieliunaite

Picture1 Ieva Bieliunaite, the Marketing Manager from Creditinfo Group explains the concept of gamification. Gamification is the use of design elements characteristic for games in non-game contexts.We use game-based mechanics, aesthetics, and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems.

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How we CLeaned up our act to deliver more value – Project Management Methodology

This month we found out more about how Creditinfo Iceland have embraced their own version of Lean Project Management – Creditinfo Lean  – CLean.

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State of the Art in Credit Risk Modeling by Prof. Bart Baesens

CIA_logo_small_Watch the webinar here: or a lower resolution version can be found at

Webinar Overview

Credit risk modeling is undoubtedly among the most crucial issues in the field of financial risk management. With the recent financial turmoil and the regulatory changes introduced by the Basel accords, credit risk analytics has been receiving even greater attention by the financial and banking industry. Continue reading »

Creditinfo Academy webinar – Credit Bureau Role in Financial Inclusion – Agata Szydlowska

agataWe were pleased to introduce Agata Szydlowska, Head of Financial Inclusion and CRB Awareness Africa to present a webinar on the role of Credit Bureau in Financial Inclusion.

Here you you can find the webinar on YouTube:

Here is the PowerPoint presentation:

Here is Agata’s bio:

Creditinfo Academy Webinar – Human Capital Management by Craig Mackellar

craig mackellar photoYou can find out more about Human Capital Management in a webinar by Craig Mackellar, Head of Sales for Reddy Co.  Craig explains how employees are a valuable asset to any company and talks about how ReddyCo help companies improve on how they approach this subject.

See Craig’s bio here

Check out his presentation here

Watch the webinar here

Creditinfo Academy Webinar – Policy Rules and Smart Search for Credit Bureau

SashaAlexander (Sasha) Novoselov from Creditinfo Solutions gives us a short review of new products for the CBS5 Credit Bureau software. First being Policy Rules Checks following Smart Search. Find out what are the benefits of both these new products in the webinar video and/or powerpoint.

Link to video –

Powerpoint –


Creditinfo Academy – Alastair Barter from ico


Alastair works in the ICO’s Business and Industry Group in a policy development and liaison role covering a range of data protection issues in the areas of finance, debt recovery, anti-fraud initiatives and data security.

In this webinar, he talks about the mission of the ICO, Big Data and data protection.



Download presentation – Here

Watch the webinar on YouTube – Here.

Creditinfo Academy – Data Science and Big Data by Neil Sammut

neil sammut imovoNeil Sammut, Business Intelligence Developer, from iMovo Ltd. asks a question what’s so Big about Big Data. He will also talk about what defines Big Data, how to use it, and much more. In second part he speaks about Data Science.


Neil’s PPT presentation – Data Science and Big Data

Watch the webinar on YouTube – Here.

Creditinfo Academy – Simon Camilleri talks about communication skills

simon-1 Simon Camilleri, CEO, Creditinfo Malta Ltd, delivered a webinar for the Creditinfo Academy on how to be a little less rubbish at communicating. He gives some tips what you should do and brings up ideas what may be strong barriers of effective understanding.



A copy of his presentation –  Communication Skills – Simon Camilleri – Feb 2015 part 2

Watch the webinar on YouTube – Here.

Tom Ilube talks Cyber Crime & Security for Creditinfo Academy

Tom Ilube Tom Ilube, CEO, Crossword Cyber Security delivered a very interesting and thought provoking presentation today on Cyber Crime and Security.

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