THE CREDITINFO STORY – a real story about a really good company

Today is a special day as we have a movie premiere to announce: THE CREDITINFO STORY – a real short documentary about Creditinfo, or Creditinfo philosophy to be exact, and all of this through the eyes of the company’s founder and Chairman of the Board, Reynir Gretarsson.

The Creditinfo Story is a genuine documentary telling an authentic business story, that started back in 1997.  It includes flashbacks on  how the business was founded,  reminds of what its roots were and displays the core if its DNA, which remains unchanged.
You are welcome to check it out  right here.

Creditinfo Solutions is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Creditinfo Solutions is celebrating its 10th anniversary. A decade ago, on 1st December, 2006, we opened our doors, not knowing what was about to happen. Since then, we have grown from just a couple of employees to in excess of 100 employees. The company’s initial focus working with just local clients changed after a short period of time.  Creditinfo Solutions, with the support and backing from our parent company, Creditinfo Group,  soon began to successfully sign a number of sizeable deals to deliver credit bureau solutions in Sudan, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Latvia and South Sudan. Now, our clientbase spans more than 40 countries around the world.

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Almar's Monthly


At the beginning of the month, I saw this really powerful advert from Coca Cola in connection with RamadanI’d like you to spare a few minutes to watch it – I think you will like it.

As a multi-cultural organisation with employees, partners, clients and suppliers in many countries throughout 5 continents, with each company and individual holding many varied opinions, beliefs and cultures, it’s particularly important that we follow one of our 5 company values at all times, RESPECT.  Actually, it’s important that we follow that one anyway, even outside of work, so that we can be a decent human being.


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"If you want the best out of life, you have to be ready when the chance is there for you."

as said by Heimir Hallgrimsson,
joint coach of Iceland’s national football team

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Creditinfo Solutions on Vltava Run

vltava runCreditinfo Solutions once again put together a team to do a relay race called Vltava Run. The race follows the flow of Vltava (Moldau), the longest river within Czechia, and goes from the South Extremity of the Country to Prague. Runners are taking turns fot two days, day and night, to finish the race. From the left to the right, you can see Matěj Hron, Anastasia Yurina, Václav Děkanovský, Radka Szabová, Jakub Kortus, Jirka Tomášek, Seth Marks and Sasha Novoselov.

Players of the Month – May 2016

team photoCreditinfo sponsor Kyiv International FC who play every weekend in the Ukrainian amateur football league with 24 other teams. The league will run until October. Our team is currently in the top 8, still getting used to playing on a big pitch. Like Creditinfo, the team is truly international: The players come from Brazil, Cuba, US, Spain, France, Ukraine, Italy, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait and Iceland.  Jon Johannesson, CEO of our office in Ukraine is the goalkeeper (pictured 3rd from the right in the back row). Continue reading »

Microfinance: Lending Small, Thinking Big

In this video, (click link below) ‘Real Economy’ looks at the world of microfinance in a European market that tends to be dominated by traditional banks.  It looks at the world of microcredit in Romania to see how small loans and a little financial training can make a difference.

32a16f7f-984a-489c-aa0d-ba0b9b1cec74 Also looking at how the model is adapting with technology to the needs of people and businesses in western Europe who can no longer tap into traditional credit from banks.  The European Investment Fund (EIF) advise about how best to use microfinance in a search for sustainable employment and growth.

The next Rembrandt – Data and How we Use It

We use a lot of data to improve business life but we haven’t been using data that much in a way that it touches the soul. It is not just a bunch of information and numbers, it is something beautiful where you can make great stuff out of it.

In following intermarten-lootenesting video you can see how a group of analysts recreate a painting of Rembrandt using technology and data. They start by gathering the data, followed by determining the subject, afterwards they generate the features and in the end they bring it to life.  The result is amazing and stunning, if you wouldn’t know it was made with technology you would think it is a real one.

Check out the link because it has to be said, it is amazing what analysts
are doing and can do with data.

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Happy Spring Time

In such a diverse company, our employees believe in a number of religions and faiths.  For the Christians within the team, we hope you enjoyed a “Happy Easter!” last weekend.

Although we may not all celebrate the same, at this time of year, Spring is on our doorstep for many of us and the first quarter of the year is over.  Now is a time for new beginnings. new hopes and new joys. So additionally, we would like to wish  each of you every happiness for those, along with continued prosperity and success over the next 9 months.

Reynir & Almar

Good shoes take you to good places




On a business trip to Senegal, Reynir forgot to take his shoes.  As it wont do to go to the Central Bank in sneakers, he asked one of the assistants at VoLo if she could help him out, giving her $50 to find him some shoes.  Which she did! Reynir says  these are his best shoes still, after almost 2 years.  Here you can see Reynir putting on those shoes which he has taken to other important meetings worldwide.