CBS5 training at Creditinfo Solutions in Prague


Recently a number of our new senior management team attended CBS5 training at Creditinfo Solutions in Prague. The CIS team gave a warm welcome to our new colleagues and organized 3 days of in depth training.


Pictured from left to right are:
• Sidimohamed Abouchikhi, CEO, Credtinfo Morocco,
• Van Reynders, Head of Sales, Creditinfo Tanzania,
• Agata Szydlowska, Head of Financial Inclusion & CRB Awareness Africa
• Kristinn Agnarsson, Head of Credit Bureau Expansion,Creditinfo Group
• Adamou Sambare, CEO, Creditinfo VoLo
• Samuel White, Business Devdelopment Manager, Creditinfo International

Credit Bureau Expansion


Credit Bureau Expansion

The team are fervently working towards the 50 countries by 2020 target and we are definitely on target to succeed.
To date we are now working in or with partners and have clients in 35 countries.

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Almar's Monthly


Why are we holding a Global Forum?

Working together with different organisations within the industry from a wide ranging number of countries, enables us to better design, integrate and implement strategic solutions to improve credit risk management procedures worldwide. Continue reading »

Business Breakfasts in Bratislava

CIS organized an informal meeting and breakfast for several valued Slovakian partners.

The theme of the event was “Credit Scoring and Creditinfo Scorecards”.b

From CIS, the hosts were Šárka Horáčková, Radek Bittner, Andrej Mudray, Nataliya Soldatyuk and Jitka Dresslerová. Nataliya and Jitka performed a magnificent presentation and the overall client’s feedback was very good.

Next breakfast to come soon.

Data Exchange Project in Romania

Successfully launched with great initial results

The Data Exchange Project in Romania is well under way, with the IT preparation completed and programming completed.  The logic has been finalised and the system has now been implemented.  This project is initially being rolled out to specific sectors including fuel, transport, painting, beverages, tobacco.

Alina Vasilache, Sales Director, Creditinfo Romania, delivered a presentation on the new project to a number of local businesses at a recent BNI event. The presentation created a lot of positive interest, to the point the meeting moderator had to stop the audience asking questions.However, at the end of July a further meeting was scheduled for the BNI members who were very interested to join the project together with CIRO and be pioneers to share information about unpaid invoices with the market.  You can contact Alina or Aurimas for more information about this project:

You can find out more about BNI – an International Business Network with offices worldwide at  Most local branches hold weekly breakfast meetings as well as additional events each month.  Members are local businesses.


Creditinfo Romania

For such a significant increase in New Sales January to June this year compared to last year and their recent success on their data exchange project


Enigma Analiz sponsor Creditinfo Global Forum

enigama logo-01Enigma Analiz have joined as one of our valued sponsors of the Creditinfo Global Forum in Istanbul 16-18 Sept. 2015.

Don’t forget to register   soon at

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CBE team in Senegal – BCEAO update

CBE team in Senegal – BCEAO update

Our Credit Bureau Expansion (CBE) team visited our colleagues in Senegal at Creditinfo VoLo this month to continue the work being carried out to get the 8 BCEAO countries online by June 2015.

Not all of the BCEAO already have this legislation in place in order to take the Credit Bureau forward.  As you may have noted, new legislation has recently been implemented in countries such as Mali where Creditinfo VoLo have been influential in making this happen.

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Creditinfo Georgia: A decade of great teamwork, entrepreneurship and vision

Creditinfo Georgia, the only active Credit Bureau in Georgia, was established in February 2005 and is now celebrating 10 years of successful business growth. A celebration for more than 100 customers, shareholders and partners was held at the Rustaveli Theatre in Tbilisi, Georgia. Continue reading »

"Strongest in Iceland" in its 5th year!

20150204-_14A9305Creditinfo Iceland held the “Strongest in Iceland” event on February 4. This was the fifth successful year of Strongest in Iceland. The day started off with a conference for approx. 130 key customers in Iceland, including two international speakers and three Icelandic speakers discussing the benefits of good data in business decisions, more specifically to score customers.

Afterwards, the venue held at the Harpa concert hall was transformed into an awards ceremony party, where 600 people from Iceland’s strongest companies celebrated.

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