Stefano M. Stoppani – New CEO of Creditinfo Group

Today, Stefano M. Stoppani joined as CEO of Creditinfo Group, the international credit information, risk management services and solutions provider. He replaces the company founder and former CEO, Reynir Grétarsson, who remains as active Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder of the company.

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Be Wrong and Be Right

There is a thing called the blame-game, where a problem develops into a bigger one via finger pointing, rather than a solution… I find the concept of blame uninteresting, in addition to being an obstacle to progress. We are all making mistakes all the time, the best only some of the time.

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Keeping promises

The other day I made a comment about trying to help Haiti. It is not my way to talk about what I do as part of what I see as my duties as a human being. But since I mentioned it before, I wanted to provide an update. I contacted the World Bank about how to help. The idea came up of giving the country systems, normally valued at 2-3$ m., as part of building up of their financial infrastructure. We would also operate and maintain for free. This is now under consideration, with the Governor of the Central Bank of Haiti and others. Don’t expect further updates; just wanted to make sure that no one thought my words were just like those of the people we typically select to lead us, who talk big about such matters and do little.

Reynir about the future of the industry, in Manchester, UK, 2016

WCCRC 2016: A curious conference of the FinTech (in the nighttime)

First, I apologise for the caption, but thinking about this conference reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes story, where the dog did not bark (Google it, if needed), which was curious indeed, I think.

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Strategic steps in Africa: Compuscan Group invests in Creditinfo Group

A strategic partnership between Creditinfo and the largest independent credit bureau in Africa, Compuscan, will drive growth, accelerate innovation and assist organisations in making better informed credit risk management and business decisions in emerging markets. Backed by Actis, the pan-emerging markets investor, Compuscan has invested in a minority share of the international credit information and risk management solutions provider.

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Happy Spring Time

In such a diverse company, our employees believe in a number of religions and faiths.  For the Christians within the team, we hope you enjoyed a “Happy Easter!” last weekend.

Although we may not all celebrate the same, at this time of year, Spring is on our doorstep for many of us and the first quarter of the year is over.  Now is a time for new beginnings. new hopes and new joys. So additionally, we would like to wish  each of you every happiness for those, along with continued prosperity and success over the next 9 months.

Reynir & Almar

Good shoes take you to good places




On a business trip to Senegal, Reynir forgot to take his shoes.  As it wont do to go to the Central Bank in sneakers, he asked one of the assistants at VoLo if she could help him out, giving her $50 to find him some shoes.  Which she did! Reynir says  these are his best shoes still, after almost 2 years.  Here you can see Reynir putting on those shoes which he has taken to other important meetings worldwide.

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Someone asked us if our beards makes us hot during summer, we told them it makes us hot all year long! Hahahaha!

Reynir & Almar

Pognophiles rule

Here’s Reynir, our Owner and CEO of Creditinfo Gorup and Almar, CEO of Creditinfo International.  Also known as the “Bearded Beauties”!

a r

Pogonophiles rule!

You can google it, it’s a real word